Introducing……Vapor-Fire Faux Fireplace

No venting requirements, no heat issues and eliminates any safety concerns
The Ultimate Solution for both residential and commercial applications

Use Vapor-Fire, for an artificial fireplace installation that enables commercial, hospitality and residential users to enjoy the benefits of a fireplace feature safely and without venting requirements. Vapor-Fire utilizes a steam vapor mist and Halogen lighting, which creates an authentic fireplace effect that looks exactly like a real fire.“It’s a good solution for many types of commercial establishments,” said Michelle Volpe, co-owner of Custom Fireplace Design. “In hospitality applications, commercial facilities and restaurants, there is always a safety concern with fireplaces. Vapor Fire faux fireplaces use Halogen lighting and water, so you can’t burn yourself. The lighting is concealed with a panel on the top, and you can’t touch the bulbs. It’s much safer than real fire or bio ethanol.” This is a big break through in technology for artificial fireplaces, both
residential and commercial.

It’s also very convenient, because businesses can place the Vapor-Fire in a lobby without the restrictions of venting requirements. Because of regulations, “Sometimes the venting requirements are a deterrent. In a hotel, restaurant or even a mall, this is a great solution. And once you fill the water tank, it can give you up to a 14 hour burn time.” In hospitality applications, hotel staff can easily replace water containers when needed; then, guests simply click on the fireplace with a remote control. “This is an easy way for hotels to have safe in-room fireplaces,” Volpe said.

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