Modern Fireplace Design Ideas and Creation.

CF + D is a company dedicated to quality, creativity and innovation in the custom fireplace arena. Working primarily with the North American Design & Architecture community we have seen the demand for unique projects increase 10 fold through the ambition and creativity of today’s architects and designers looking to make their own unique mark in this ever changing landscape.
With over 25 years experience in the fireplace design industry, we are well positioned to collaborate with this community in making their unique fireplace ideas become a reality. This joining of talents has led to innovative designs and completed installations in Hotel lobbies, Institutional facilities, Independent Restaurants, University Student Lounges, Premium Shopping Centers and many interesting private residences throughout North America. From desert palms to outdoor dining pavilions and then chic roof top patios we have created one of a kind fire features to enhance any environment.
Custom Fireplace Design Process
After completing many projects we have learned to work from as little as a rough hand sketch to complete 3D CAD renderings in order to first project cost, design engineer and required shop drawings for any size project. Whether indoor, outdoor or a combination of both to assist in bringing the beauty outside into your living space and today’s clients are beginning to expect this of their design team and custom home builder.
World Class Artistry
To round out our offering, we are the largest North American importer/dealer of the renowned “Focus Contemporary Fireplaces” an award winning artistic line of unique fireplaces manufactured in France. Although the focus fireplaces are wood burning models they can be custom retrofitted with an approved gas burner, bio-ethanol or our new electric Vapor-Fire system. The focus fireplaces have been installed in such notable locations as; The Museum of Modern Art (Stockholm 2000), Centre for Contemporary Art (Grenoble 1997) and the recipient of the prestigious Pulchra Award (Italy 2009) for producing “The Most Beautiful Object in The World”. Talk to us and see how enjoyable a truly unique one of a kind experience can be working with CF + D custom fireplace design and take a moment to visit our Fireplace Gallery