Custom Fireplaces & Design Services

Custom fireplaces and design concepts always start with what seems like a simple idea but with all the clearance to combustible issues along with the venting of flue gases comes the need for prompt answers and technical solutions. While it is assumed that there must be several companies to talk to there are in fact only a handful with the knowledge and experience to not only think outside the box but also to create, construct and deliver unique one of a kind fire features.With a strong understanding of the dynamics involved in a home or commercial space we are well positioned to deal with the changes in air pressure and how they relate to the fire and chimney draft. This is critical in order to insure proper system design, fabrication and operation for many years of use while always being mindful to include ease of maintenance in the overall process.Quality, creativity and innovation is what we use as our basis for all new projects combined with the previously developed concepts and technology allowing us to be exceptionally effective in managing all costs and avoiding duplication in our processes.

Whether it’s a family room, fine dining restaurant, or a ski resort, we can and have created unique modern fireplace ideas and features to enhance any environment. Regardless of a 10ft high ceiling or a 100ft, we will deal with all the technical issues and collaborate with your design team in making your desired specification a reality.With many years experience and background in construction, we have a clear understanding of the need for strong communication, timelines and execution along with the ability to manage the installation from afar or on site so bring us your next unique challenge and let us assist you in making it a reality.
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