Vita Fireplaces……Vapor-Fire

No venting requirements, no heat issues and eliminates any safety concerns
Vapor-Fire the Ultimate Fireplace Solution

This new ultrasonic technology creates a realistic illusion of fire using regular tap water as its fuel source and a fine mist of vapor with LED lights creates its authentic flame effect. With no harmful particulates or emissions, it’s a great alternative when running into restrictions and code issues with gas or wood burning heat rated fireplaces.

Vapor Fire technology has opened the door for Designers and Architects when incorporating a fireplace feature into their projects for Restaurants, Hotels, Multi Family complex’s and Private Homes. Eliminating the need for venting materials, gas line runs and safety requirements for the transfer of heat which require clearances to combustible materials.

The Vapor-Fire burners, can be designed in a series to achieve the desired length for a dramatic linear fire feature. This system can be used with manual refillable water containers which will provide an estimated 10 hour burn time or for continuous operation a plumbed in water supply line is ideal and comes complete with an overflow safety sensor that automatically shuts off the water. The Vapor-Fire system is available for all models, linear built-in, base models or suspended and wall mounted.

With the demand for this alternative solution and its versatility for creative designs we are excited to present our New Vapor-Fire line, Vita Fireplaces designed and manufactured by: CF + D custom fireplace design. Click on to the Vita Fireplaces and take a minute to review the video and let us know which model or models will work for your next project.

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