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All successful projects are a direct result of good communications, collaboration with fully engaged partners and precise execution in a timely manner. This is a process that we strive to meet in all of our projects while making every effort to improve our methods and operations when and wherever possible.Regarding custom fireplaces, generally, we will first start a project with a brief interview to get a clear understanding of the design intent along with details of the environment, timelines, budgets, interior finishes, textures and fuel preferences such as Natural Gas, Liquid Propane, Wood burning, Vapor Fire or Bio-ethanol. We will work with you to determine the best technical options for your particular space and at times (budget permitting) develop new methods in order to achieve the desired concept.While there is no cost for initial discussions, once engaged a retainer is required which is in most cases fully applied to the overall cost of the project being developed. This retainer is used to determine the feasibility and initial engineering in order to establish a confirmed quote to avoid any surprises that only become evident at this stage. Having created many unique one of a kind fireplaces we are well experienced to first provide a budget quote to insure it is within the scope of the project and once accepted we then advance to the engagement phase.

The process continues with the completion of all required engineering and then on to shop production drawings to be approved or fine tuned before the fabrication process begins. Once approved they go off to the production phase and require a lead time of 10 – 12 weeks delivered to site in most cases. When completed the assembly process is photographed creating a step by step procedure to installing the feature using on site trade professionals or a member of our team is sent to site and project manages the complete installation process.

Having challenges with a current installation, contact us because we can help. Whether our design or others we are here to assist in making your spec or purchase a positive experience be it new or years in service.

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