Various Styles of Fireplaces used in Homes

Sitting comfortably in front of a fireplace and enjoying its gentle radiation of heat is an incredible feeling of relaxation on a cool day. Today fireplaces are regarded as the most beautiful source of comfort as a result of the ambience it spreads wherever it has been placed. Also fireplaces look completely natural and its warmth has always been beneficial towards health.

Fireplaces come in various styles; there are options for portability as well.

Wall Mounted Fireplaces:

Wall mounted fireplaces are commonly found at homes located in colder areas. These fireplaces are built directly on the walls, mostly in living rooms. Wall mounted ones which use wood as the fuel will require a chimney to expel smoke. This type of fireplaces also comes with fuel types such as gas, electricity and gel.

Free Standing Fireplaces:

Freestanding fireplaces do not require any construction or alteration within the home building.. Depending on the burning mechanism, free standing fireplaces can be attached to the ceiling or kept completely freestanding. Similar to gas burning fireplaces, wood burning fireplaces would need a vent pipe attached to the ceiling to act as the chimney.

Portable Fireplaces:

Potable fireplaces are just the smaller versions of the freestanding models with portability support. Movable fireplaces will be ideal for homes without dedicated fireplaces such as apartment and small rented homes. These often run on gel or electricity. Portable fireplaces are widely available in home improvement stores and are least expensive.

More than an option for getting warmth, fireplaces are truly the best possible decorative feature of a home counting on all its aesthetic features.

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