Maintenance of Wood and Gas Burning Fireplaces

Fireplace provides an elegant and warm environment when it is active. In order to prevent the elegance and warmth from getting diminished it is vital to provide sufficient maintenance to the fireplace when it is inactive. Apart from obtaining the full range of benefits, regular maintenance can eliminate safety risks from fireplaces completely.

Have a look at a few points which are ideal for maintenance of fireplaces.

Wood burning fireplace:

  • Have professional inspections in the fireplace at least once every year.
  • Clean the interior and floor of the fireplace regularly.
  • The openings in the chimneys need to be kept free from rain, debris and living creatures. Also, the chimney cap has to be checked regularly for flaws.
  • Eliminate chimney debris and ash at regular intervals.
  • Check the interior of the chimney for creosote accumulation. Creosote is combustible and can lead to a potential fire hazard. In case of creosote accumulation, this needs to be removed immediately.

Gas burning Fireplaces:

  • Make a thorough visual inspection before igniting the gas fireplace.
  • Completely de-activate the unit before performing any maintenance operation.
  • Check the ventilating system regularly and fix anything that blocks the system from proper functioning.
  • Maintain clean and clear passage ways for the indoor circulation fan.
  • If you are using fake logs in the fireplace make sure that you inspect and clean them.
  • Clean the glass door at least once in every two months. Also make sure that there are no irregularities or dust buildup on the glass door.

Maintaining a fireplace regularly will help homeowners to be free from fireplace troubles and undesired expenses thus enjoy an efficient fireplace ambience for a longer period.

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