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Quality, Creativity and Innovation is what has directed CF + D to custom design, fabricate and manufacture our unique one of a kind fire features. Our experienced craftsman proficient in the art of shaping, fabricating and welding steel materials welcome the challenging creations our clients are looking for. Creating designs in unique forms and styles to meet all necessary requirements for all fuel options, wood burning, gas natural or propane, bio-ethanol or Vapor-Fire. Once the conceptual design is accepted by the client our Design Team goes into action, providing our custom fabrication department the drawings necessary to build their new custom one of a kind fire feature. Our production facility has the capability to form, bend and roll steel to produce quality innovative fire features with expertise and aesthetic considerations. With our extensive knowledge and craftsmanship, we create solutions to meet the client’s needs that others say can’t be done. Our Team is always up for the challenge to build and innovate new ideas, new experiences in precision metal design and custom finishing in colors, textures and custom polishing.

Manufacturing custom fireplaces is a passion and it shows in our work, the attention to detail designed into each fire feature challenges our craftsman to build with finesse and care right down to intricate details to please the clients eye. Quality workmanship we are proud to display and send to waiting clients, knowing that this custom fireplace made of hard steel fits into the client’s homes, Hospitality Spaces, Commercial Projects and Restaurants creating a warm, cozy by the fire experience as we did back in the day gathering by the fire and still do.

We are now introducing our Vita Fireplaces collection of Vapor-Fire models manufactured by CF + D, a line of unique suspended, wall mounted, built-in and free standing fireplaces. Vapor-Fire is safe to the touch, vent free, fueled by ordinary tap water, has a 14 hour burn time and is available with or without heat. Please visit our Vapor-Fire page for the full line.

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