Fireplace Consultant for Design and Technical Assistance

With over 25 years experience in the fireplace industry and certified as a Wood Burning System Designer and Air Spillage & Pressure specialist, Vince Volpe is a well prepared fireplace consultant, able to answer any and all questions relating to the best design, operation, installation and service options available for your custom wood burning fireplace.

Now that it’s built and installed it can also be retro-fitted with a gas burner system approved to be installed into a confirming wood burning application. This knowledge and experience is best exemplified when issues arise like smoke going down rather than up, too much heat, not enough heat, poor draft or will not stay lit. When creating a one of a kind fire feature, good system design is always assumed but seldom achieved without the proper understanding of how the indoor & outdoor environment relates to the operation of your fireplace.

Is your chimney positioned in such a way as to catch the prevailing wind creating good draft or is it hidden behind taller trees or a second level of the home. Why when cooking does the fireplace begin to smoke or after a rainy night does the house smell of creosote. Clearances to combustibles, floor protection, proper installation, chimney sizing and clearance reduction are all commonly asked questions with answers available when having access to a knowledge base. These issues can be resolved with a better understanding of good system design and operation combined with proper maintenance and air pressure within your environment. However negative air pressure in the home can cause a great number of issues and should be avoided at all times.

This is no longer a challenge when registered as a Professional Partner. You will now have at your disposal all of our many years of experience and extensive resource library on everything fireplace as well as free telephone call-in assistance with guaranteed answers within 24 hours. Talk to us, we can help by simply discussing the design issues over the phone or send us your plans for review and comments or we can be contracted to come to your site and work along with you to insure proper system design or to correct a current problem. Take a moment to register and have the information available for your next project to insure all is going to work effectively and efficiently long before it’s built and lasting long after being occupied.

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