Commercial / Hotel Fireplaces

KirchhoffOften contacted by Architects resourcing viable solutions to Commercial and Hotel fireplace designs, CF + D rises to the challenge. Collectively working to provide the requirements necessary to create one of a kind fire features that not only appeals to the client’s design idea but is a functional, quality fireplace that meets all code requirements for Commercial and Institutional Offices, Corporate Headquarters and Hospitality sectors. A demanding market to maintain functionality and design while working with venting, exhaust and air pressure concerns especially with High Rise applications. With knowledge and expertise accumulated over 25 years we create solutions through our sought-after team of Mechanical Engineers, Technical Designers and an extensive group of highly skilled fabricators working together as one in the fireplace consulting and custom design world.
An Architect from New York recently reached out to us looking to source a custom fireplace company to build a unique one of a kind fire feature for a high-end Hotel Lobby that involved some design challenges. During the initial conversation with our Technical Director the Architects concerns were resolved, confident assistance and a wealth of knowledge was provided assuring that this custom fireplace can be built. We were then presented with the job and proceeded to build exactly what the client was looking for. Our solution based company works synergistically, with Architects, Designers and Custom Home Builders to meet all requirements for the extensive exhaust and venting requirements that some projects demand and knowingly would have presented some challenges for most. We communicate throughout the process, answering questions and providing the full scope of the job before and during the installation.
From concept design to CAD layout drawings through to the custom manufacturing of these unique one of a kind fire features we thrive on our abilities, team work and the willingness to get the job completed with quality, creativity and innovation always in mind.