Built-In Fireplaces, Linear & Wall Mounted

Our Linear Built-In Vapor-Fire models fueled by water are designed to become part of the integral wall structure, framed into the wall leaving an opening for the glass/flame viewing area. With no restrictions to combustible material or venting components for exhaust, special clearances or heat rated materials are not required. For optimal performance of the Vapor-Fire flame and to disperse any moisture (which is minimal) air flow is recommended. Our Vapor-Fire linear built-in models can be connected to a plumbed-in water line for continuous burn time or manual water fill of the containers provided for an 8 to 10 hour burn time.
With less restrictions Designers now have unlimited material options available to them when designing a wall finish to surround the fire feature. Our Built-In linear Vapor-Fire models can be installed into many applications with no safety concerns, no chimney venting and are 100% efficient.
Wall Mounted Vapor-Fire designs:
Our wall mounted models are unique space saving Artistic designs that can be positioned in any room, which simply mounts on the wall with no venting requirements or combustible wall clearances. A custom wall mounting plate is provided with the model which will bolt onto the prepared wall to allow the model to attach to the plate installed. The electrical and plumbed-in water line (if this option is chosen) will run from the wall through the mounting bracket in the prepared opening to connect to the Vapor-Fire burner system installed in the unit. Without the restriction of clearances to combustible material, our wall mounted models require no special wall finishing and the Designer will have no limitation as to the material used on the wall behind these unique fire features.
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