All about Bio-Ethanol Powered Fireplaces

Having a Fireplace powered by bio-ethanol is the most eco-Friendly and clean methods for maintaining warmth in the body and mind. The fuel burns flawlessly with a clean and realistic glow. Bio-ethanol fireplace is very efficient as it transfers most of the generated heat to the room itself. It offers users the opportunity to regulate and control the flame as per their requirement. The fuel is considered as “green fuel” as it is a fully renewable resource without making any harmful emissions.

Types of Ethanol Fireplaces:

Bio-Ethanol fireplaces come in various styles and types:

  • Table top – A portable fireplace of a smaller size
  • Pillar – This gives a fire-floating appearance
  • Wall Mounted – This is fixed to the wall
  • Corner – This fireplace is usually placed in room corners
  • Box – This has a glass cover and provides a multi-dimensional effect

Advantages of Ethanol Fireplaces:

Flexible Design:

Ethanol fireplaces are free from harmful emissions thus do not require a chimney and hence gives an opportunity for the manufacturers to have variable fireplace designs. Also regulation, startup and shutdown processes are much simpler with the latest remote controllable mechanism.

Lower operating costs:

As bio-ethanol does not require any chimneys, the initial investments are largely reduced. Apart from purchasing the fuel, there is almost no maintenance required for operating the fireplace, the cost of the fuel is affordable as well.


Ethanol is produced from plants and emits almost zero carbon-di-oxide when burnt. Ethanol produces no gases that are hazardous for human health. This fireplace is excellent for apartment dwellers as it does not affect the room’s air quality despite reduced ventilation.

Added up with attributes good for users and environment, bio-ethanol has occupied a greater place among all fuels used in fireplaces.

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