Wood Burning Fireplaces

Wood Burning Fireplaces

eurofocus_950Focus has always paid particular attention to the design, quality and longevity of their fireplaces. For this reason the materials used are entirely recyclable and the high standards they set for the design and production of the focus models allows them to guarantee quality. Built using high-grade steel and tested to industry standards Focus-Creation France has produced a very contemporary yet modern line of unique wood burning fireplaces. For example, the linear wood burning fireplace produced in lengths from 59” to 70” very popular today not only as wood burning but also to be able to retrofit this built in horizontal wood burning fireplace to accommodate a gas log burner and the newest bio-ethanol fuel.

Focus created the first rotating suspended wood burning fireplace the gyrofocus, this award winning model helped to build a full line of creative hanging wood burning fireplaces sculpted to provide various sizes to meet spaces from large living areas, small contemporary condo’s, town homes to commercial and hospitality locations. Style certainly meets function in this diverse line of wall-mounted wood burning fireplaces, suspended and built-in’s.

Gas conversion in the focus fireplaces have proven to be very effective for our clients. In some cases local building codes for new construction will not allow wood burning, this does not create a problem as we can provide the retrofit gas log burner with electronic ignition or pilot light and the ability to switch the fire on or off with the ease of a remote control.

Bio Ethanol fireplacesBio-ethanol Fuel has also take its place in this high-rise world of ours, why not, everyone should be able to enjoy the ambiance of a real fire feature. Bio-ethanol fuel is quickly custom retrofitted into the focus fireplaces; this vent less option is the answer for our clients that cannot accommodate a chimney system but yet desire a suspended, wall mounted or built-in fireplace.

Bio Ethanol fireplaces are environmentally friendly and fueled by renewable green energy; they are an efficient and highly effective heating supplement. They are ideal for a variety of settings both indoor and outdoor and vent less for ease of installation. Denatured alcohol fuel also known as Bio-ethanol is a renewable source of energy that is made from agricultural products. The only emissions produced from burning this type of fuel are heat, water vapor (steam), and low levels of carbon dioxide (CO2). The flame is regulated and can be controlled or extinguished at any time.

Get in touch with us for your next project, using the focus as the intended wood burning fireplace or retrofitting to gas or bio-ethanol, CF + D can assist you in getting exactly what your looking for.