Outdoor Fireplaces

A fireplace is a welcome addition to any outdoor space, from residential homes to restaurant patios and hotel garden’s; people love to take a seat by the fire. CF + D welcomes you to browse through the focus contemporary line of fireplaces, creative looks from suspended rotating models to wall mounted décor facades that enhance any outdoor room design. Imagine the fire following your guests as you move from dining to relaxing, our suspended models move effortlessly by simply turning the fire to meet your needs.

View our selection of European award winning outdoor fireplaces for your backyard room like the gyrofocus, signature model for Focus-Creation of France and the first suspended fireplace to enter the North American market or the agorafocus with a view of the fire from every angle, the retro meijifocus that brings you back to the 70’s style, the possibilities are endless. Your pick from our extensive line of standard models or for your discerning clients our custom-design division that can create and fabricate the outdoor fireplace of your dreams.

Capture the mood and warmth of your space, with our wood burning focus fireplaces for that realistic smell and crackle or convert the fireplace to a gas burning flame that can be switched on and off in seconds. For ambiance and limited heat go with the bio-ethanol, perfect for looking good and creating that feeling of warmth.

Email your plans or drawings; we can work together with you, your landscape designer, architect, contractor or builder. Rethink the borders of your home and extend your square footage, create your outdoor room for entertaining or just relaxing through out the seasons and enjoy the warmth and ambiance that an outdoor fireplace creates bringing family and friends together to sit by the fire.