Made from heavy gauge black steel, these log holders presented are practical and elegant. Useful and conscientious, they gallantly offer their service of keeping logs readily accessible, with an irrefutable style that suits any context.
The eolifocus bellows in wood and leather are a contemporary take on the traditional style and stand proudly upright beside the fireplace, ready to breathe new life into the fire.
The bouffafocus is a traditional implement from the south of France used for stoking a fire. It was a long, hollow wooden tube the user blew into for the delivery of fresh air directly to a specific location on the hearth. The French word "bouffadou" is derived from the Occitan term "bouffador" (generally used to refer to a bellows) from the verb "boufar", which means to blow. Focus has revisited the traditional, indeed legendary, bouffadou to create a contemporary version in black steel.
To put an end to the straight line of books in blocks and instill geometry with feeling, we created the Librotheque: a book shelf that bends the rules.
In parallel with his fireplaces, Dominique Imbert creates bronze and steel sculptures as well as contemporary furniture and objects, some of which are shown here. Tables, consoles, book cases.......all reflect the same spirit that pervades the fireplaces presented on this web site. Irreproachable styling, innovation and integrity of each of his creations remain Dominique Imbert's basic principals and fundamental concerns.
Through this line of products, we can discern a new form of modernity taking shape that can be defined as a creative tension between poetry and practicality, art and functionality, emotion and rationality. This is the philosophy of focus.
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